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Tony Rotherham has been studying the history of Robin Hood since he was eighteen years old,
not just the ballads but the historical figure behind the ballads. He has been doing lectures on this subject
for about twenty years and could be called an expert in this field, although he would cringe to have that label
put on him. Along with this he has set up several very successful and award winning historical groups.

Spirit of England   This group concentrates on the Robin Hood and King Arthur legends and performs shows all over europe.
The Company of the White Boar   This group is a living history group looking at the life and times of a fifteenth century household led by the notorious Black Knight of Ashton; Sir Ralph Assherton.
Seathieves Pirate Association   This is a group of like minded individuals with a passion for the Golden Age of Piracy. Sorry no Jack Sparrow wannabe`s allowed in this crew. If you would like to learn all about the real Pirates of the Caribbean you really need to see this group.
Stand and Deliver   The society of English highwaymen. This group is not large, in fact at full strength they only number six people. But each one of these characters knows about the life and times of some of Englands most notorious highwaymen from Sam Gregory of the Essex gang to Dick Turpin.

Not only has Tony been interested in history, but he is also accomplished in Martial Arts,
gaining a third degree black belt in Wado Ryu karate and a brown belt in Shudokan Aikido.
Both of which have been very useful in his work as a VIP bodyguard.

Working for people such as:

John -de- Lancy ( Star Trek the next generation )
Bruce Boxleitnor ( Babylon 5 )
Tyler Main (X- Men )
Robert Trebor ( Xena Warrior Princess Hercules )
Andrew Robinson (Dirty Harry Deep Space nine )
Amber Benson ( Buffy the vampire Slayer )

Not only does Tony do this he also works for a company that runs high adrenaline days as an instructor.
Doing such things as:

Stunt Man Days   A day in the life of a Hollywood stunt performer, teaching people how to fall, roll, the use of crash mats, blank firing guns and choreographing fights with and without weapons.
SWAT - Special Weapons And Tactics   Learning the ways of a special operations operative including the use of blank and live firing weapons, anti terrorist techniques. Moving through a building armed with MP5, M16 M83A SPAS, Shotgun, AK47. So he is pretty much an all rounder when it comes to weapons both ancient and modern.
Fire Walking   This is something that Tony has been doing for years working with a company called B.L.A.Z.E going all over the country doing firewalks for charities and walking over hot coals burning at 1375 degrees centigrade.
Glass Walking   Walking over broken glass for charities making money for charitable organizations.

But mostly Tony Rotherham is an historian who loves teaching both children and adults
the truth about some of this countries best loved legends.